Current meteorological data
Air temperature: 63.14 (°F)
17.3 (°C)
Wind speed:5 (km/h)
Wind direction: S-W, 230.1 °
Global radiation: 279.3 (W/m²)
Act. UV-Index: 0
Precipitation: 0.0 (ltr/m²)
(Updated: 07/13/2024, 08:30,
S-Mitte, Amt für Umweltschutz
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Average monthly and annual values in Stuttgart

Annual values

The ambient air concentration of pollutants largely depends on the weather conditions. For one thing, the weather situation influences pollutant emissions (e.g. through heating), for another thing, wind and precipitation cause the rarefaction and leaching of pollutants out of the atmosphere. This is why the air quality may differ significantly from one year to another and pollution trends are hard to identify.

Especially mild winters result in a low concentration of air pollutants. Detailed and extensive series of measurements are required to give exact information on the development of the ambient air concentration of pollutants at a particular place. In contrast to climatic conditions, the measurement of average pollutant concentrations over many years is not useful as numerous pollutants have a clear tendancy. This is why we present a table with the current annual values here.

Stuttgart's climate is characterised by an average annual temperature of 50.0 °F (10.0 °C) in the city basin and 34.5 °F (1.4 °C) less on the Filder plains. The inner city registers an average of 38 summer days and six hot days, the Filder plains only 29 summer days and four hot days. 89 frost days and 23 ice days occur in Hohenheim during the winter, while the inner city registers only 62 frost days and 15 ice days due to the heat island effect.

Nearly half of the days are rain days and the annual amount of precipitation in Hohenheim is 663 mm and 679 mm in the inner city. This shows that Stuttgart is one of Baden-Württemberg's regions with the lowest precipitation. Only just under 40 % of the astronomically possible sunshine hours are registered. The mild climate, Stuttgart's position in the valley and the basin as well as the heat island effect allow for wine growing at the city's slopes.

Another characteristic for Stuttgart's climate is the little wind. The average wind speed is 1.9 m/s in the city basin and 2.4 m/s at the airport.


Average annual values of the climatic elements measured in Stuttgart-Zentrum (312 m), Stuttgart-Schnarrenberg (314) and Stuttgart-Hohenheim (420 m)


Climatic element STUTTGART Stuttgart-Hohenheim
1951-1980 1961-1990
Average temperature
(in °F/°C)
50.0/ 10.2 49.1/ 9.5 47.5/ 8.6 47.8/ 8.8
Maximum temperature
(in °F/°C)
98.9/ 37.2 (July 1985) 98.2/ 36.8 97.5/ 35.4 (July 1984) 97.5/ 36.4 (1984)
Minimum temperature
(in °F/°C)
-9.0/ -22.8 (Feb. 1956) -6.2/ -21.2 -12.8/ -24.9 (Feb. 1956) -11.9/ -24.4 (1987)
Ice days (in days) 14.6 19 22.7 22.1
Frost days (in days) 62.2 76 88.6 87
Heating days (in days) 259.3 - 281.9 -
Degree-day figure * 3481 - - -
Summer days (in days) 38 35 28.8 31.4
Hot days (in days) 6.4 - 3.7 4.1
Sultry days (in days) 17 - - -
Rain days (in days) 152.5 129 177.2 182.4
Thunderstorm days
(in days)
- - 23.3 30.1
Amount of precipitation
(in mm)
679 663.6 663 697
Evaporation (in mm) - 483 - -
Highes point of the sun (degrees) 66 (June) 66 (June) 66 (June) 66 (June)
Possible sunshine hours (in hours) 4402 4402 4402 4402
Average amount of sunshine hours (in hours) 1679 - 1752 1727
Global radiation (in W/m²) - - 136 -


(Figures in red respresent the years between 1961-1990, figures in black the years between 1951-1980)
*( degree-day figure = average from the years 1982 - 1997)
**( after the relocation of the Weather Central, the given values are those for Stuttgart - Schnarrenberg)


Click here to see current data (in German) on the pollutant concentration in the region of Stuttgart.



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