Current meteorological data
Air temperature: 46.04 (°F)
7.8 (°C)
Wind speed:5 (km/h)
Wind direction: S, 176.0 °
Global radiation: 0.0 (W/m²)
Act. UV-Index: 0
Precipitation: 0.0 (ltr/m²)
(Updated: 02/26/2024, 06:00,
S-Mitte, Amt für Umweltschutz
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Current data from the measuring station S-Bad Cannstatt (Branddirektion)

Current meteorological data
Air temperature: 45.86 (°F), 7.7 (°C)
Dew point temperature (without interactive evaluation)35.06 (°F), 1.7 (°C)
Wind speed: 0.5 (m/s), 1.8 (km/h)
Wind direction: O-S-O, 104.7 (Grad)
Absolute humidity (without interactive evaluation) 6.1 (g/m³)
Relative humidity: 66.0 (%)
Absolute air pressure: (in 242 m altitude above-normal) 970.2 (hPa)
Relative air pressure: (without interactive analysis) 999.5 (hPa)

(Updated: 02/26/2024, 06:00)

Current data and graphics from the measuring station Stuttgart-Zentrum are available as average daily values, the trend of the last 31 days, average monthly values and the trend of the last 12 months:


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