Current meteorological data
Air temperature: 66.02 (°F)
18.9 (°C)
Wind speed:8 (km/h)
Wind direction: S-S-W, 200.5 °
Global radiation: 0.0 (W/m²)
Act. UV-Index: 0
Precipitation: 0.1 (ltr/m²)
(Updated: 07/12/2024, 22:30,
S-Mitte, Amt für Umweltschutz
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Booklets on the analyses for Stuttgart 21

As Stuttgart's central station will be converted to an underground through station that tunnels the inner city railway tracks leading to the station, a redevelopment area of 100 hectares grows out of the no longer required railway property in the heart of Stuttgart. The rearrangement and conversion of large areas as well as the new railway tracks will lead to synergy effects in terms of traffic, profitability, environment and urban development. The project name "Stuttgart 21" underlines its trendsetting character.

Railway works and city planning within the Stuttgart 21 project require a detailed environmental study on the basis of various advisory questions. The used methods range from computer-based model calculations and simulations to experiments with a full-scale model in the wind tunnel and to measurements, drilling, mapping and nature observation in the plan area and its surroundings.

The city council has approved the funds required for the necessary analyses in the fields of hydrogeology, conservation of nature, air pollution control, climate and noise protection. What is also included in the analysis programme, of which we can only give a rough outline here, is a further study of existing contaminations and the development of a future-oriented energy concept on the basis of the local Agenda 21.

With this, the city of Stuttgart meets its legal obligations - and goes even beyond - to determine and evaluate thoroughly the environmental implications of Stuttgart 21 in order to preserve the natural resources.

The Stuttgart 21 project also includes various public relations measures whose aim is to facilitate a sustainable urban development for the common good by providing information for the effective participation of all citizens.

In order to ensure the intended transparency of the planning concepts for Stuttgart 21, the available original expert opinions within the analysis programme are published in the scripts of the Office for Environmental Protection. A uniform appearance of the "Analyses on the environment" and a consecutive numbering of the scripts provide a clear collection of expert opinions, which can also be used for documentation purposes.

The predominant purpose of this proceeding is, however, the efficient distribution of scientific expert opinions, which is to facilitate the work and serve as a basis for discussions. Readers who do not live in Stuttgart and are less acquainted with the planning process for Stuttgart 21 might consider the methodical approach of the various environmental expert opinions useful.

We wish to thank most sincerely the authors of the "Analyses on the environment" - who are generally the experts charged by the city - for the close cooperation within this project.

J. Beck                 J. von Zimmerman
Deputy Mayor       City director


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