Current meteorological data
Air temperature: 31.82 (°F)
-0.1 (°C)
Wind speed:3 (km/h)
Wind direction: S, 170.2 °
Global radiation: 0.0 (W/m²)
Act. UV-Index: 0
Precipitation: 0.0 (ltr/m²)
(Updated: 01/25/2022, 23:00,
S-Mitte, Amt für Umweltschutz
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Measures within the traffic sector

The following measures are part of the minimum scenario within the traffic sector:

V1  Measures to increase the attractiveness of public transport
V2  Reduction of traffic as an aspect within urban land use planning
V3  Promotion of bike traffic
V4  Measures to increase the flow of individual traffic
V5  Speed limit on motorways
V6  City logistics concept
V7  Measures to encourage the organization of carpools
V8  Fuel efficient vehicles in public facilities and company vehicle fleets
V9  Parking zone concept for the whole city
V10  Mobility advice centre
V11  Traffic education/fuel efficient driving

The desired scenario additionally contains the following measures:

V12  More frequent use of speed cameras
V13  Significant fare reduction in the local public transport system (by about 50 %)
V14  Far-reaching extension of local public transport services
V15  Access restrictions for individual traffic
V16  Telematics measures
V17  Measures to structure development activities


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